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5 November 1998 Edition

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Tell Patten the way it is

The Patten Commission on Policing is holding a series of public meetings in nationalist areas over the next few weeks. They are a chance for people to air their views on the RUC and what should replace that sectarian force.

That chance should be taken in order to leave the Commission in no doubt where the nationalist people stand on the issue of policing. It is one of the most important parts of the Good Friday Agreement. There can be no stable society without a legitimate policing service and that argument must be won in all arenas where it can be put.

Just this week, reports of the RUC's continued recruitment of informers are carried in this newspaper. It shows that the RUC have no intention of decommissioning their war machine. It is time to raise the demand for their disbandment loud and clear.

British militarists in control

That those soldiers who killed 18-year-old Peter McBride are to remain in the British Army has caused deep offence to people right across the island of Ireland.

It shows the political power still wielded by the militarist element within the British establishment. It is the influence of these securocrats which has prevented the truth from emerging about British military and RUC collousion with loyalist death squads over many years and why the Stalker report has never been published.

Mo Mowlam's acceptance of the decision to allow the guardsmen to remain in the British army, despite previously saying that they should not, explains a lot. It tells us who really pulls the strings within the British political system. It explains too the increased militarisation in nationalist areas of the Six Counties despite the Good Friday Agreement.

Get on the register now!

The draft electoral register of voters in the 26 Counties is published this week. It is available for examination at post offices, public libraries, local authority offices, courthouses and garda stations. People should check the register immediately to ensure that they are listed.
If you find that you are omitted then ask for form RFAI and add your name to the register.

If you are unable to go to the polling station because of physical illness or disability you should register on the Special Voters' List or Postal Voters List. If you are in this category and resident in a hospital or similar institution you are entitled to be on the Special Voters' List. Apply using form SV1. Those with physical illness or disability who live at home are entitled to a postal vote and should apply using form PV1.

If you are unable to go to the polling station due to your occupation - for example studying and living away from home or working as a long-distance lorry driver - you can apply for a postal vote. Use form PV2. These forms are available at the locations named above and should be returned by 25 November.

PLEASE NOTE : There is no access to the Supplementary Register for postal voters or special voters so if you do not register now you may not be able to vote.

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