15 October 1998 Edition

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Trimble trying to renegotiate Agreement - Adams

Gerry Adams told a packed audience in Dundalk Town Hall last Thursday that the current impasse in the peace process is about whether Unionism is prepared to do a deal. ``So far, Unionism hasn't come round to the notion that it is no longer in charge,'' he said.

Adams said that Trimble's arms aren't tied, as many commentators suggested. ``He agrees with the position he is articulating - he wants to renegotiate the Agreement,'' Adams said.

The Sinn Féin President was addressing the first in a series of public meetings planned for venues throughout the country. He was joined on the platform by members of Louth Sinn Féin, including Kevin Meenan, the recently selected candidate for Dundalk South in next year's local government elections.

In a wide-ranging address, Adams urged his audience to become active in bringing about change in Ireland. ``We have to face hard reality,'' he said, ``peace and justice needs change and there are powerful elements against peace because they are against change. The securocrats and the civil servants in the Six Counties and the `golden circle' in the political and business elite in the 26 Counties want to remain in charge. The only people who can change that are yourselves.''

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