6 August 1998 Edition

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Kevin Lynch remembered

Dungiven saw one of the first victims of ``the Troubles'', SF Assembly representative, Francie Molloy told several hundred people who gathered to commemorate the 17th Anniversary of the death of H Block Hunger Striker Kevin Lynch.

In July 1969, during a civil rights demonstration Francie McCloskey was batoned to death by the RUC. ``30 years of struggle has seen many changes from civil rights to national rights, equality and parity of esteem,`` said Francie. ``We are now entering another phase of struggle in the Assembly, the struggle is not over, it is just beginning.''.

The commemoration in Dungiven last Sunday was chaired by Michael McCloskey. Wreaths were laid on behalf of Sinn Fein, IRSP, INLA and the Lynch family. Francie Molloy paid tribute to Paddy and Bridie Lynch for their commitment to the strong principles which Kevin held. ``There is still much work to be done,'' said Molloy, ``we need everyone to bring real change about. The job of building equality an justice for all the people of Ireland has a long way to go. Kevin Lynch and his comrades knew that. The five demands of the prisoners was simply a means of lifting the struggle out of the wilderness, giving it new direction, on course to achieve what every Republican has fought, lived and many like Kevin, died for, a democratic socialist republic.''

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