30 April 1998 Edition

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BBC reporter backs collusion claim

BBC journalist John Ware in the current issue of the New Statesman magazine has presented evidence that British crown forces effectively sentenced solicitor Pat Finucane to death nine years ago.

Ware claims that not only did the ex-UDA commander Tommy `Tucker' Lyttle tell him that two RUC detectives had urged a UDA gunman to kill Finucane but that he has seen official intelligence documents sentencing the prominent lawyer to death after a supposed meeting with Gerry Adams.

While this new evidence adds yet more weight to the UN report produced by Dr Param Cumaraswamy calling for an independent inquiry into the Finucane murder, the British, who have stonewalled the UN call for justice, have said that the Stevens inquiry dealt with the issue. The RUC likewise expressed support for the Stevens inquiry.

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