30 April 1998 Edition

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Felons chairperson approached by RUC

By Laura Friel

The Felons Club chairperson, Liam Shannon, described himself as ``very angry'' following an attempt by the RUC to entrap him into acting as an informer.

Liam, who was arrested and charged by the RUC last week, was driving home when he was stopped at an RUC roadblock. ``My grandson was in the car with me when we were stopped by what appeared to be a hastily set up roadblock close to my home.'' It was 4pm on Wednesday April 22. ``An RUC man, who I recognised as the same RUC officer who had arrested me last week, approached the vehicle,'' said Liam. Ominously, the RUC man claimed he was not ``just an ordinary policeman''. Shannon was informed he was facing ``very serious charges'' and he was about to be charged with ``even more serious charges''.

``The RUC officer said if I would help him, he would help me,'' said Liam. Liam refused and was allowed to drive on. He immediately registered a complaint with his solicitor. ``I am very angry at the RUC's attempt to coerce me. I decided to publicise the incident to highlight the tactics currently being used by the RUC. I can understand how some people might be vulnerable to this kind of RUC intimidation. I would advise them to come forward immediately,'' he said.

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