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26 March 1998 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

The great problem was allowing the 26 Counties to secede from the Union and from that a lot of difficulties have stemmed... The British Isles is the natural, social, and economic unit.

David Trimble to the National Press Club, Washington DC. 17 March.


From its inception, capitalism has been an ever-expanding system of exploitation, production and exchange. Perhaps no one predicted this better than Karl Marx... Unfortunately his stigmatisation by regressive Stalinist states and the ideologically driven ridicule of his credentials by Western intellectuals have tended to consign the great wealth of his ideas and insights - written 150 years ago when he was not yet 30 - to the dustbin of history.

Finian Cunningham writing in the Irish Times on Karl Marx and the 150th anniversary of the Communist Manifesto. Saturday 21 March.


I am shocked and horrified that the Irish government is preparing to delete Article 2 of the constitution. How can the Irish government consider telling northern nationalists that the land they and their ancestors have lived in for millenna is not Ireland.

Letter in the Irish Times. Saturday 21 March.


Nationalist expectations are so high that Mickey Mouse cross-border bodies will not suffice.

Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty. Sunday Business Post. 22 March.


The Irish government is prepared to concede in 1998 what nationalists were unwilling to contemplate in 1918 - namely, Britain's right to partition Ireland.

Donnacha Vaughan on the proposed changes in Article 2 and 3. Sunday Business Post. 22 March.


We don't need a Parades Commission to stop Orangemen coming down this road. They (unionists) need a change of heart, a change of mindset.

Francie Molloy speaking at march to oppose Orange marches through nationalist areas last Sunday on Portadown's Garvaghy Road.


If the SDLP were to abandon Sinn Féin, dissolve the still flourishing Hume/Adams partnership and sign on with the Ulster Unionists, what would the consequences be at the polls? Sinn Féin and its supporters insist the mood of the nationalist population is shifting their way and the greening of northern Catholics, including members of the middle class, has not escaped unionist notice either. There is matter here to keep SDLP members and ideed Dublin administration awake at night.

Deaglán De Bréadún in the Irish Times. Monday 23 March.


The expectation within nationalist Ireland, and, if I may say so, within unionism as well is that there has to be an agreement based upon substative changes in all areas, consitutional, political, institutional, economic, social and cultural matters.

Gerry Adams. Irish News, Monday 23 March.


It's a bit like being in the Mafia... The only twinge of guilt I ever get is when an operation doesn't go according to plan.

Loyalist death squad leader in an interview with The Big Issues magazine.

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