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20 November 1997 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Mr Quinn calls himself a socialist and agrees to being a pragmatist. The only reservation Labour Party activists have about him is...his socialism has never been known to win out over his pragmatism.

Irish Times reporting on the election of Ruairí Quinn as head of the Labour Party in the 26 Counties. Friday 14 November.


By destroying the credibility and vadility of the process they also hope to drive Sinn Féin out of the talks and some of them have difficulty in disguising their hope that the IRA will return to war.

Martin McGuinness speaking at Harvard University. Thursday 13 November.

They [nationalists] would not be confident that they would ever have rights in this state.

Catríona Ruane at the launch of new campaigning group Cearta's People's Charter. Thursday 13 November.


There should be no acceptance in principle of the bastard variant of `democracy', now fashionably invoked to sustain the supremacist diktat of the Government of Ireland Act of 1920. Our standards ought not to be set by those steeped in supremacist thinking.

Professor Joe Lee on unionist perceptions of democracy since the 19th Century. Sunday Tribune, 16 November.


Building companies are not entitled to make profits on the blood and lives of their workers.

Judge Kelly to Liam Carroll of Zoe Developments in the High Court on Monday following the deaths of workers and the flouting of safety regulations on his sites in Dublin.


I have known the Republican Movement for some 33 years and I have never been consciously lied to about policy directions. I don't think I have been lied to on this occasion. There is no widespread condition of dissatisfaction which could be called a split.

Tim Pat Coogan in Ireland On Sunday, 16 November.


British politicians like Mowlam will either have to face them down and begin meaningful change or risk losing the peace process.

Niall O'Dowd on the need for the British government to confront the `securocrats'. Ireland on Sunday, 16 November.


We have got to see whether the Irish are interested in stability or conquest.

David Trimble on his meeting with Bertie Ahern. Monday 17 November.


Drop-outs, young rebels, terrorists and criminals.

Les Rodgers, chairman of the Northern Ireland Police Authority, describing the only people who want change in the RUC. Tuesday 18 November.


Young nationalists are becoming frustrated at being stopped and searched continuously by the RUC. In the present climate of peace talks the harassment problem has worsened.

Sinn Féin Councillor Colm McGirr after nationalists took to the streets in Armagh and Lurgan to protest at RUC harassment and in particular the harassment received by Collie Duffy.

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