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6 November 1997 Edition

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Back issue: Ard Fheis Debate: Will they extradite Haughey?

A rousing debate on extradition late on Friday evening showed the anxiety and determination of delegates to allow no further Irish victims of British `justice'. In a voice loud enough to be heard in Leinster House if not Kinsealy, Sean Crowe asked delegates.

``What would be the answer of Fianna Fáil if the RUC sent a warrant for a certain supposed gun-runner?''

The hypocrisy of Charles Haughey's government was also mentioned by Danny Morrison when he explained that the Extradition Act would retrospectively criminalise the entire fight for Irish freedom. British judges could, in theory, try even those who set up the 26-County state. ``What state anywhere in the world would be so abject as to describe itself as being founded on a crime?'' he asked.

``Britain wants the Extradition Act passed as part of the psychological warfare designed to humiliate Leinster House and to make sure that Dublin understands its place in this British world. The object is to soften up politicians down here for the next debate on Articles 2 and 3 of the Leinster House constitution. While these articles never saved the lives of one Northern nationalist, we must stop Leinster House from caving in once again to the dictates of Westminster.''

An Phoblacht - 5 November 1987

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