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6 November 1997 Edition

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No Progress - No Peace Process

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has this week warned of the dangers facing the Peace Process because of the antics of the Unionist political leadership.

The only difference in approach by the DUP/UKUP and the Ulster Unionist Party to the talks process is one of tactics. David Trimble and his colleagues are engaged in childish antics in an effort to stall the whole process until it runs into the ground.

If this continues, and there is no reason to believe otherwise, the onus on the British and Dublin governments is to inject momentum into the situation increases.

As one set of unionist leaders mess about at Stormont and others remain outside the talks, the situation on the ground remains unchanged. Nationalists have yet to see any improvement in their situation. As each week goes by without an iota of progress, faith in the process declines.

The governments will now have to show how they intend to maintain the credibility of the process in the face of Unionist wrecking tactics with the resultant and growing nationalist disillusionment. If there is no real progress, there is no real process which can lead to a lasting peace. It's time everyone began to take the situation seriously.

Boycott News of the World

The disgusting rantings of a Walter Mitty British soldier have appeared in the News of the World. They refer to IRA volunteer Mairead Farrell who was killed in Gibraltar in 1988 and they are beneath contempt. Mairead's friends have called for a boycott of the News of the World and we urge all our readers to back the boycott and to urge their local newsagents to do the same.

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