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9 October 1997 Edition

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LVF planning to attack republicans

SINN FEIN'S MID-ULSTER MP Martin McGuinness has warned republicans and their families to be extra vigilant in the coming weeks after the RUC told a number of South Derry republicans that their lives were under threat from the LVF.

According to McGuinness the RUC visited two families from the Bellaghy and Maghera areas on Monday 6 October and told them that information was passed on through the Samaritans in Newry warning that they were in imminent danger.

The LVF were responsible for the killing of GAA man Sean Browne in Bellaghy earlier in the year.

McGuinness's warning comes 72 hours after Gerry Adams revealed he had ``specific information'' that a republican family was in danger from an LVF threat.

``There is a real danger of a loyalist attack at this time,'' said Adams. ``I am reliably informed that the LVF is currently planning a major attack against a republican family''.


Sinn Féin Councillor Danny Lavery from North Belfast has been told by the RUC that his name is on a loyalist death list.
Lavery who was visited at his home by the RUC on Monday 6 October and warned him to upgrade his security.

``No loyalist organisation was named'', Lavery told An Phoblacht, ``so it could be another case of no claim no blame''.

Lavery went on to say that his, ``would be assasins should take their case to the talks table'' and accused those politicians who refused to take part in talks of, ``winding up loyalist death squads''.

Lavery's brother Martin was shot dead by loyalists in December 1992, and his nephew Sean, the son of Bobby Lavery who is also a Sinn Fein councillor, was killed by the UDA in August1993.


Meanwhile an Ardoyneman who had to go to Oldpark RUC barracks after the RUC visited his house to warn him of an LVF threat against him has complained that two RUC members asked him to work as an informer.
According to the man, an ex-POW who wishes to remain anonymous, he was not home on Thursday 2 October when the RUC arrived so they said he should contact Oldpark Barracks because they ``have something important to tell him''.

On arrival the man was separated from a friend who accompanied him and told that the LVF had his details and there was ``a serious threat'' to his life.

``The RUC then said, `if we're to watch your back you'd have to play ball with us'. They then asked me if I was willing to pass on information,'' the man said.

Although the man refused the RUC persisted and offered him money for any information he passed on.

Sinn Fein councillor for Ardoyne Mick Conlon called on anyone who may be approached by the RUC to come forward and publicise the approach.

``This is a discredited force and the fact that they would pressurise someone whose life is in danger speaks volumes,'' Conlon said.

The man has also informed his solicitor of the approach.

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