18 September 1997 Edition

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IRA deny Markethill bomb

The IRA has said it was not involved in the car bomb attack on the County Armagh town of Markethill on Tuesday 16 September. The BBC said they recieved a warning call half an hour before the bomb exploded but the caller did not cite a codeword and did not mention which organisation had planted the device. The bomb, estimated by British forces at 400lb, was packed into a van which exploded outside the local RUC barracks shortly after noon. No one was injured but buildings within the immediate vicinity sustained substantial damage.

Postponing plans to enter the talks process, UUP leader David Trimble claimed the bomb was ``probably'' the action of the IRA. Trimble immediately despatched a letter to talks chairperson George Mitchell, calling for the expulsion of Sinn Féin.

However Sinn Féin negotiator Gerry Kelly described the bombing as both ``regrettable and disappointing'', and said it should make the participants at the negotiations redouble their efforts to find a settlement.

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