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1 October 2015 Edition

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I nDíl Chuimhne

Life springs from death and from the graves of patriot men and women spring living nations - Pádraig Pearse

1 October 1977: Seán Ó
, Sinn Féin (Parkhurst Prison)

1 October 1996: Pat McGEOWN, Sinn Féin

2 October 1971: Volunteer Terence McDERMOTT, Belfast Brigade, 1st Battalion

2 October 1978: Volunteer Pat HARKIN, Derry Brigade

6 October 1972: Volunteer Daniel McAREAVEY, Belfast Brigade, 2nd Battalion

9 October 1976: Noel JENKINSON, Sinn Féin (Leicester Prison)

9 October 1990: Volunteer Dessie GREW, Martin McCAUGHEY, Tyrone Brigade

10 October 1972: Volunteer John DONAGHY, Volunteer Patrick MAGUIRE, Volunteer Joseph McKINNEY, Belfast Brigade, 2nd Battalion

16 October 1972: Volunteer Hugh HERON, Volunteer John Patrick MULLAN, Tyrone Brigade

16 October 1976: Volunteer Paul MARLOWE, Belfast Brigade, 2nd Battalion; Volunteer Frank FITZSIMMONS, Volunteer Joseph SURGENOR, Belfast Brigade, 3rd Battalion

16 October 1992: Sheena CAMPBELL, Sinn Féin

18 October 1974: Volunteer Michael HUGHES, Newry Brigade

23 October 1971: Volunteer Dorothy MAGUIRE, Volunteer Maura MEEHAN, Cumann na mBan, Belfast

23 October 1979: Volunteer Martin McKENNA, Belfast Brigade, 3rd Battalion

23 October 1993: Volunteer Thomas BEGLEY, Belfast Brigade, 3rd Battalion

24 October 1971: Volunteer Martin FORSYTHE, Belfast Brigade, 1st Battalion

25 October 1982: Peter CORRIGAN, Sinn Féin

26 October 1990: Tommy CASEY, Sinn Féin

27 October 1970: Volunteer Peter BLAKE, Volunteer Tom McGOLDRICK, Belfast Brigade, 2nd Battalion

28 October 1976: Máire DRUMM, Sinn Féin

28 October 1987: Volunteer Paddy DEERY, Volunteer Eddie McSHEFFREY, Derry Brigade

30 October 1974: Volunteer Michael MEENAN, Derry Brigade

31 October 1975: Volunteer Seamus McCUSKER, Belfast Brigade, 3rd Battalion.

Always remembered by the Republican Movement.

ADAMS, Annie. In loving memory of my Granny, who died 4 September 1992. I lost a granny with a heart of gold. How much I miss you, you can never be told, you shared my troubles and helped me along. If I follow your footsteps I will never go wrong. I miss you from your fireside chair, your loving smile and gentle air, your vacant place no one can fill, I miss you, Granny, and always will. From your grandson Patrick, daughter-in-law Bridgeen and grandchildren Pádraic, Clíodhna, Deirbhile and Máirtín.

MULVENNA, Patrick. In proud and loving memory of our dear son Volunteer Patrick Mulvenna, who died 31 August 1973. Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for him. Be green upon their grasses, oh happy spring, for they were young and eager who are dead. The ballad singers long have cried the shining names of far away. Now let them rhyme out those died with the three colours yesterday. Loved and sadly missed by your mother, father, brothers and sisters.

MULVENNA, Patrick. In proud and loving memory of my father Volunteer Patrick Mulvenna, B Company, 2nd Battalion, Belfast Brigade, Óglaigh na hÉireann, who died 31 August 1973. I am thinking of you today but that is nothing new, I thought of you yesterday and the day before that too. I will think of you tomorrow, as I will my whole life through, for the day I fail to think of you is the day God takes me too. From your son Patrick, daughter-in-law Bridgeen and grandchildren Pádraic, Cliodhna, Deirbhile and Máirtín.

O’NEILL, Diarmuid. Murdered by the London Metropolitan Police, September 1996. Always remembered by friends and comrades in the West London Republican Support Group, Hammersmith.

TREACY, Seán. In memory of Seán Treacy, The Heath, Portlaoise, a great friend  and comrade. Always remembered by Councillor Noel Harrington, Kinsale.

TREANOR, Tommy. Acton, London; and Fintona, Tyrone. Died 1996. Always remembered by his comrades in the West London Republican Support Group.

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