28 August 1997 Edition

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RUC try to recruit informer in South Armagh

Despite the IRA ceasefire the RUC Special Branch is still actively recruiting informers. Evidence of this emerged this week when a young man from South Armagh contacted Sinn Féin and told of how he was asked to spy on local republicans.

The man's ordeal began when he was stopped by the RUC while driving a vehicle that was not roadworthy. He was held on the road for a while and told that he would lose his driving licence if they reported the incident to the traffic police. He was taken to Gough Barracks in Armagh where he was confronted by two Special Branchmen who told him they would get him off if he worked for them. They gave him the names of two locals and told him to watch their movements, and report back to them.

On his release the young man contacted Sinn Féin and told of his ordeal. Sinn Féin Councillor Jimmy McCreesh said, ``I commend this young man for his courage in what he did and call on anybody with similar experiences to contact any member of Sinn Féin in total confidence''.

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