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30 March 2014 Edition

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I nDíl Chuimhne

“Life springs from death and from the graves of patriot men and women spring living nations.” – Pádraig Mac Piarais

1 April 1980: Volunteer Robert CARR, Newry Brigade.

2 April 1987: Volunteer Laurence MARLEY, Belfast Brigade, 3rd Battalion.

2 April 1992: Danny CASSIDY, Sinn Féin.

4 April 1971: Volunteer Tony HENDERSON, Belfast Brigade, 1st Battalion.

4 April 1989: Volunteer Gerard CASEY, North Antrim Brigade.

4 April 1994 Volunteer John O’RAWE, Belfast Brigade, 1st Battalion.

5 April 1976: Volunteer Seán McDERMOTT, Belfast Brigade, 1st Battalion.

7 April 1972: Volunteer Samuel HUGHES, Volunteer Charles McCRYSTAL, Volunteer John McERLEAN, Belfast Brigade, 3rd Battalion.

8 April 1996: Volunteer Eugene MARTIN, South Armagh Brigade.

9 April 1974: Volunteer Daniel BURKE, Belfast Brigade, 1st Battalion.

10 April 1991: Volunteer Colum MARKS, South Down Command.

12 April 1973: Volunteer Edward O’RAWE, Belfast Brigade, 2nd Battalion.

15 April 1976:  Volunteer Peter CLEARY, South Armagh Brigade.

17 April 1973:  Volunteer Brian SMYTH, Belfast Brigade, 3rd Battalion.

17 April 1977: Volunteer Trevor McKIBBIN, Belfast Brigade, 3rd Battalion.

21 April 1984: Volunteer Richard QUIGLEY, Derry Brigade.

23 April 1977: Volunteer Brendan O’CALLAGHAN, Belfast Brigade, 1st Battalion.

24 April 1974: Jim MURPHY, Sinn Féin.

25 April 1979: Volunteer Billy CARSON, Belfast Brigade, 2nd Battalion.

26 April 1975 Volunteer Noel LAFFERTY, Tyrone Brigade.

26 April 1986 Volunteer Séamus McELWAIN, South Fermanagh Brigade.

Always remembered by the Republican Movement.


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