6 June 1997 Edition

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Loyalists kick RUC man to death.

The son of a serving RUC officer has been charged with killing RUC man Gregory Taylor in Ballymoney at the weekend. 30 year old Leslie Thomas Henry from Eastburn Crescent in the town was in court on Wednesday 4 June where he was accused of kicking the RUC man to death.

It is thought that Loyalists angered by the RUC decision to stop them marching through Dunloy two weeks ago attacked Gregory Taylor (41) in the early hours of Sunday morning outside Charles Kelly pub in Ballymoney town, County Antrim. Taylor and two associates, one of whom was also an RUC member, were involved in a brawl with over a dozen loyalist bandsmen while drinking in the bar earlier in the evening. The argument was believed to be connected with Dunloy where Taylor was on traffic duty a fortnight earlier when Apprentice Boys were prevented from marching through the nationalist village. The loyalists were then told to leave the bar by staff, but as Taylor left at closing time he was set upon by 10 or so men.

RUC detectives quickly arrested a number people for questioning, four of whom, all from Ballymoney were charged with murder on Tuesday 3 June.

Meanwhile, RUC members were critical of some unionist politicians, for ``inciting hate'' including DUP's David Tweed. Hours before the RUC man's funeral a poster stating ``Greg Taylor - He reaped what he sowed'' was removed from a shop wall in Ballymoney.

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