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15 May 1997 Edition

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Another vital election

Next Wednesday, 21 May, sees another vital election in the Six Counties. There is a chance to take another step towards changing the political landscape. It is easy to consider it a more low key step, perhaps, than in the Westminster elections but it is a vital step all the same.

The work done by Sinn Féin in local councils has helped lance many boils of bigotry and brought closer the day of freedom and equality. When Sinn Féin first entered the council chambers, Unionists threatened to bring the house down. They vowed never to sit with republicans or do business with them. Their histrionics continued for months. But eventually they relented and slowly life returned to normal in the councils.

But it wasn't the normality that prevailed before Sinn Féin was elected. Sinn Féin was the first nationalist party to forcefully demand equality. And they demanded it through the courts if necessary until bigotry once more backed down.

That strong voice for equality needs to be strengthened further. There is much work still to be done. It can only be done with more Sinn Féin councillors arguing the case for equality, justice and freedom.

Next Wednesday, take another step forward and vote Sinn Féin.

Stench of double standards

The stench from the double standards shown in dealing with loyalism is overpowering. UDP spokesperson Davy Adams is able to go to the media and say that the loyalist ceasefire has ``frayed at the edges'' while still retaining a seat at the Stormont talks. At the same time Sinn Féin is excluded. Can anyone defend that as anything other than double standards?

When the UDP speak of ``fraying at the edges'' they mean the murder of Catholics. Does Mo Mowlam and her ``fresh, new'' regime recognise that?

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