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8 May 1997 Edition

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News review

Thursday 1 May

Tony Blair and New Labour record a landslide victory over the Conservative Party.

Workers and trade unionists throughout the world mark International Labour and Workers' Day.

Friday 2 May

The Central Bank indicated that it seeks an increase of half a per cent. Bank and mortage rates are expected to increase by this amount.

Six-County Westminster election results are announced. Sinn Féin gets two MPs, in Mid-Ulster and West Belfast.

Saturday 3 May

In Zaire aid officials say that a storm at Kisangani is certain to increase the risk of cholera and other diseases spreading at Biaro, to which over 40,000 refugees have returned.

Sunday 4 May

Peru's Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) is reported to be moving its fighters towards the capital to carry out selective attacks.

Zairean rebels say they will press on to an assault on Kinshasa, of which they are within 40 miles, after the collapse of peace talks.

Monday 5 May

Bernadette McAliskey discusses the possibility of asking the new British Home Secretary Jack Straw to review the continuing imprisonment of Roisín McAliskey.

Joe Hendron, the defeated SDLP candidate, says Sinn Féin exploited John Hume and used `dirty tricks' to win the seat.

Tuesday 6 May

The Green Party proposes the introduction of an £80 guaranteed income for all, payable to every adult in the 26 Counties.

Zairean rebel radio calls on government soldiers in Kinshasha to surrender and avoid a bloodbath.

Wednesday 7 May

Huge crowds greet Irish World Snooker Champion Ken Doherty on his return to Dublin.

A number of Derry men are arrested and held in Castlereagh Interrogation Centre in relation to the IRA shooting of an RUC officer in the city.

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