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3 April 1997 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

There is genuine concern among people that we now have a situation whereby the SAS or some other undercover British Army force are up to their old tricks in the North.

Fianna Fáil TD Matt Brennan on the opening fire by undercover British soldiers in Coalisland, County Tyrone on Wednesday 26 March.


The soldiers were using very bad language and telling people they would shoot every last one.

Fr Séamus Rice, commenting following the shooting, in which the rear window of his car was shot in. Irish News, Friday 28 March.


The community has two choices for the coming year. We either choose the way of Dunloy, with communication leading to peace, or we choose the way of confrontation leading to violence.

Brendan McAllister of the Mediation Network, on members of the `Spirit of Drumcree' group's attempts to sabatoge the mediation talks at Dunloy. Irish Times, Saturday 29 March.


Of course I was shown photograghs, but I could not recognise any of the tenants in these photograghs.

German Manfred Schmidt, a `key' witness named on the extradition warrant in the Roisín McAliskey's case, saying he never identified her. Sunday Tribune, 30 March.


They're in complete disarray.

Source familiar with negotiations at Dunloy on the Orange leadership, Sunday Tribune, 30 March.


Mitchell admits he ordered 40 phone taps as Minister.

Headline in the Irish Times on Jim Mitchell's admission he tapped phones including that of journalist Vincent Browne, Monday 31 March.


There is legislation but it is being flouted left, right and centre. These youngsters often come from families where there is a lot of unemployment and few bob goes a long way. It is up to the government and the union to protect these young people.

MANDATE member Larry Yourall, on the union's alegations of under the counter payments and anti-union practices alleged in the pub industry. Irish Times, Tuesday 1 April.


A Unionist charter which reveals why the peace process collapsed under John Major.

Gerry Adams on the Conservative Manifesto. Wednesday 2 April

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