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3 April 1997 Edition

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Back issue: Gardai invite to RUC

The statement this week from a group of influential senior garda officers, calling for the extradition of political activists into British custody and adding the twenty-six counties to the beat of the RUC, is a logical development and shows how the reactionary garda leadership has taken on a political momentum of its own, embarrassing even its political masters in government. Despite IRA military successes and the edginess of the British, there are real dangers for the beleaguered nationalist people of the North, politically unrepresented by the gutless manoeuvrings of the SDLP and the equally spineless Free State parties when its comes to asserting Irish sovereignty, but not when it comes to collaboration or attacking the only people struggling for a united Ireland.

The forces in the Irish establishment against Irish freedom (because of its political cost to them) are the same forces which were against the five just demands of last year's hunger-striking patriots.

An Phoblacht 1 April 1982

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