20 March 2008 Edition

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Mála Poist

Cuireann An Phoblacht fáilte roimh litreacha ónár léitheoirí. Scríobh i nGaeilge nó i mBéarla, 200 focal ar a méid. Déantar giorrú ar litreachta más gá. Cuir do litir chuig [email protected]
An Phoblacht welcomes readers’ letters. Write in Irish or English, 200 words maximum. Letters may be edited for brevity. Send your letters to [email protected] No attachments please


Remember our Volunteers

REMEMBER our Volunteers Committee is a project to keep alive the memory of our patriot dead from our communities and to ensure that their dream of an Ireland of equals and a united Ireland is not lost with their passing.
We as republicans need to be telling our own history and record it for future archives. Our intention is to remember and honour all our fallen comrades.
At present the committee has undertaken to document the lives of two West Belfast volunteers Jimmy Quigley (killed 29-09-72) and Edward ‘Mundo’ O’Rawe (killed 12-04-73). We would appreciate if anybody who has archive images or footage of the above volunteers, particularly images or footage of their funerals. would  contact :
Martin on 07766469937 or contact Remember Our Volunteers Committee by e-mail to [email protected] yahoo.ie


Tara protests

THE hypocrisy of state-sponsored celebrations of Irish heritage on St Patrick’s Day while the same state destroys a significant aspect of Irish heritage at Tara, a place deeply associated with St Patrick himself, was successfully exposed in recent days by the courageous actions of Lisa Feeney and her colleagues. These idealistic young people are a refreshing contrast to the seemingly politically indifferent mass of Irish students and student organisations who these days seem more likely to protest about the lack of car parking spaces around colleges than anything worthwhile. Where is Irish student radicalism gone?
Dublin 5.


Government blocking rights of agency workers

AS THE Government encourages us to say yes to the Lisbon Treaty, it is worth remembering that not everything that comes from Europe is given such a warm welcome by the front bench in Leinster House.
The EU Directive on Agency Workers has been blocked by this Government for five years. Agency workers are being used in this state to undercut wages, terms and conditions of the traditional permanent work force.
They are exploited workers – forced to work longer hours without benefits and for less money. The Government has promised legislation to deal with the problem for years. The EU Directive would solve many of the problems associated with the exploitation of agency workers, yet the government continues to block it. Its excuses as to why are unsatisfactory.
With a slow-down in our economy, it is vital that we take the opportunity to revitalise and address issues within the labour market.
In every economy that has maintained success, you find an educated, secure and enthusiastic workforce. Attacking workers’ rights through the use of agency workers has a contrary effect to that ostensibly intended, ie to increase our competitiveness.
It is in the interest of every public representative, regardless of political affiliation to demand legislation, based on the principle of equal treatment, to deal with agency workers. We are one of the only states in Europe who do not have legislation. For a long time Sinn Féin has said, rightly, that we do not need to accept everything that comes from Europe. The Government agrees with us, but in this case they’ve got their yes and no votes mixed up.
Sinn Féin


Government without social conscience

WELL DONE to Arthur Morgan for articulating, so graphically in the Dáil, the views of the majority of the people on this island. The government granting tax breaks to the development of private hospices is just another example of the governments disregard for its people. The government, as a matter of responsibility, should look after its senior citizens. They have, after all, paid their fair share of taxes throughout their life and to look after them in their old age is the least we owe them.
A government that legalises companies to rob the estates of the dying to pay for their hospice care surely does have the social conscience of a ‘cat’s arse’. They have sold the Irish people to developers and big business. As Irish republicans, we need to express more anger and outrage to be in tune with the social conscience of the nation. So, let’s not hold back our punches. Let’s take the peoples everyday struggles into the political institutions. Let’s give our power to the powerless. Let the government know what the people on this island think of them.
Benny Connolly Cumann, Sinn Féin,


An Phoblacht
44 Parnell Sq.
Dublin 1

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