27 September 2007 Edition

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Wall for Truth and Justice

RELATIVES of those who have lost loved ones as a result of state collusion with unionist paramilitaries and British state murder are to join forces in the creation of a ‘Wall For Truth and Justice’ at the Oakman Street end of Beechmount Avenue in Belfast.
Victims’ and survivors’ groups Relatives For Justice, the United Campaign Against Plastic Bullets (UCAPB) and An Fhirinne are collectively appealing to relatives, friends and supporters to come forward and help fill the wall with photos and other memorabilia of those who have died as a result of state violence.
Spokesperson Clara Reilly of UCAPB said:
“The idea of the wall had already been started by local people from Beechmount. We met them and thought this was a wonderful way to visually remember those who were murdered and also a means to show the full extent and magnitude of collusion and state murder by the British Government and its agents.
“The concept is simple. We are appealing directly to any family who has lost a loved one as a result of collusion or state murder to come forward and help us place something to remember them by on the wall. It may be a photograph, a poem, or a hand-written note and, as long as it is no bigger than an A3 sheet of paper, then we can accommodate them.
“Collusion and state murder affected us all. It was cross-border and cross-community. We know that over 1,050 people died as a result of collusion and a further 365 were murdered directly by the forces of the British state.
“The cover-up of this truth has cost millions and families will not rest until the truth has been told. The Wall for Truth and Justice is part of that ongoing campaign.
“Truth and justice are the last necessary steps to be agreed in the Peace Process. To forget all those who have died would be the worst offence to their memory.”

Get in touch through Clara Reilly at Relatives For Justice on 0289022 0100 or by e-mail on [email protected]. Or you can contact Robert McClenaghan on [email protected].

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