23 August 2007 Edition

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Canadian tourist told Derry did not exist

A Sinn Féin Councillor in Derry has welcomed an apology from transport company Translink following its treatment of a Canadian customer.
Kevin Campbell has welcomed the apology from Translink following   an incident when the Canadian tourist was told by a Translink representative that “Derry did not exist” when she asked about a bus to the city from Belfast.
“I welcome the fact that Translink has issued a statement apologising to a Canadian tourist for any inconvenience caused after she was told that Derry did ‘not exist’ when she asked about a bus to the city from Belfast and ended up having to travel to Derry by train”, said Campbell.
“Translink need to put in measures such that a situation like that never arises again that any passenger should be treated in such a shocking way.
“This brings into sharp focus the reason why Sinn Féin in Derry has been to the forefront in trying to bring the long running saga over the city’s official name to a conclusion. How many other similar stories are out there that we don’t know about?
“Sinn Féin is determined to have the contentious issue of the name change resolved for the betterment of not only all the people of this city but those trying to market it and those visiting it from across the world.”

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