29 June 2006 Edition

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Dúirt Siad...

And I wonder, when Eoghan was filling in the application form for that good job he had at RTÉ all those years ago, did he put down "Political Apprentice to IRA Chief of Staff" on his CV? I reckon not, because if he had done the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs would have had something to say about it. - Robin Livingstone on Sunday Independent Columnist Eoghan Harris' admission to being a political apprentice of Cathal Goulding. Daily Ireland 23 June.

Haven't we been exposed to Gay Byrne too much over the years without having to suffer him for longer. - Galway Independent TD Paddy McHugh reacts to Gaybo's handling of his new position as Road Safety Head. At long last some one has said it. Ireland on Sunday 25 June.

In 1990 a senior, Labour leaning colleague told me there was little investigative journalism in the newspaper "because political and business life in Ireland is carried out with a remarkably high degree of probity". - Harry Browne on the attitudes of Irish Times journalists when he worked on the newspaper. The Village, 22 June.

There are no electoral pacts. There are no deals. We don't do that in our party. - PD leader Mary Harney reacting to Michael McDowell's attempted coup. Sunday Tribune 25 June.

I'm expecting the report to be ready before the end of the summer. It will lift the lid on how the Special Branch helped the UVF select murder victims. - Raymond McCord, whose son Raymond JR was murdered by the UVF, anticipates the release of the Ombudsman's report into collusion between the Mount Vernon UVF and Special Branch. Daily Ireland 22 June.

We have taken this precautionary step because our consumers are the highest priority to us. - Cadburys spokesperson on their decision to withdraw products possibly infected by salmonella, five months after they first became aware of the problem. Irish Independent 24 June.

The British Government now has an opportunity to funnel some of the billions of savings from its security budget into rectifying its wilful neglect of the North's infrastructure over the last three decades. - Sinn Féin General Secretary and Foyle MLA Mitchell McLaughlin urges the British Government to start delivering the peace dividend. UTV on-line 24 June.

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