16 January 1997 Edition

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I think those who are begging should be hosed down and the disgrace of cardboard city should be broken up. Most of the others [beggars] are scum.

Tory MP Terry Dicks, Friday 10 January

I don't buy into the notion that we are dealing here with a democratic state versus terrorism. Violence comes from injustice. The northern Irish state is a ghastly outfit.

Author and Booker Prize-winning author Séamus Deane, the Irish Independent, Saturday 11 January.

The SDLP is now in fact operating its own Forum abstentionist policy.

Sinn Féin Councillor Séan McKnight, Andersonstown News, Saturday 11 January.

[Abstentionism from Westminster] proclaims the illegitimacy of partition and the Six-County statelet more effectively than any other gesture or declaration. Lenin may have said that he would stand on any dung heap to get his views across but in Westminster who is listening?

Letter to the Irish Times, 15 January.

Leading SDLP politicians resolved a month ago to offer Sinn Féin an electoral pact they knew Gerry Adams' party could not accept, according to party sources.

Ed Moloney, Sunday Tribune, 12 January.

``I done me bit in Ireland. It was, let me see, 1921, sir.'' The umbrella twitched. Was this a Black and Tan I wondered, old, frail and a suitable candidate for a swift push under a passing bus full of Japanese tourists? (Imagine the tabloids: BASTARDS! Evil Japs Slay Tommy hero.)

Emmanuel Kehoe meets a Chelsea Pensioner, Sunday Business Post, 12 January.

The loyalists will re-start when the British need them to re-start. They are the counter-insurgency arm of the British forces.

Sinn Féin Councillor Francie Molloy on the loyalist ceasefire or lack of one.

The people are fed up and aren't going to put up with the hassle and intimidation of these hoods any longer.

Poleglass/Twinbrook anti-joyriding activist, Irish News, Monday 13 January.

When prisons are over-crowded, prisoners see them as places of fear and violence and they lack the sufficient facilities in education, healthcare and psychiatric services.

Archbishop of Dublin Desmond Connell, the Irish Independent, Tuesday 14 January.

On New Year's Day in 1957, the old IRA attacked Brookeborough RUC Barracks.

The old IRA? Irish Times TV page on the Léargas programme commemorating Seán Sabhat and Fergal O'Hanlon, Tuesday 14 January.

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