18 May 2006 Edition

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International News in Brief

Chavez in London

Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, arrived in London after his trip to Vienna for the Latin American - European summit. On Sunday during a public address, he attacked the US administration as "the greatest threat to this planet ... Imagine they launch this attack on Iran. They've got it planned. If the US attack Iran, people in England who drive cars will have to park them. Oil will be $100 a barrel." The man who survived a coup in 2002 - "planned in the Pentagon and the White House" - told the audience to huge applause: "I know there are plans to kill me. It doesn't matter. It won't stop me."


US President George Bush, has announced proposals to use thousands of National Guard troops to help secure the the 2,000-mile border with Mexico. A White House official said the number of troops was likely to be less than the 10,000 quoted in some reports.


Violence continued in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo where a wave of co-ordinated attacks over the weekend left more than 60 people dead. The conflict between the Sao Paulo authorities and the First Command of the Capital (PCC) criminal faction began on Friday, 12 May after 700 jailed PCC members were transferred to higher-security facilities.

Gangs hit police stations and patrols with machine guns and machetes, and prisoners rioted in dozens of jails. More than 60 buses were set alight overnight and several banks damaged.

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