9 March 2006 Edition

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Search US Shannon planes - Ó Snodaigh

Extraordinary rendition is the pratice, arising from US involvement in the Middle East, whereby political prisoners have been detained illegally in third countries and it violates a range of fundamental human rights. Many observers believe such prisioners are being tortured.

The Book of Evidence was handed in at Harcourt Street Garda station in Dublin City Centre on Wednesday, 22 February. The Dublin South Central TD said that given the Irish government's insistence on further evidence before they will act to uphold human rights, it is imperative that the Gardaí search all planes related to the US-led 'war on terror'.

"I am bringing my reasonable grounds of concern to Harcourt Street Garda Station today and asking the Gardaí to do their job and investigate the evidence. The book of evidence that I am submitting to the Gardaí contains reports from the UN, the Council of Europe and major international NGOs including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. It also contains media reports detailing the comings and goings of these planes from Shannon Airport. The contents of this book are considered 'credible evidence' by the Council of Europe special investigator - I am demanding that the Gardaí go and gather the rest of the evidence by searching the planes."

Ó Snodaigh said that the Irish state, as a responsible member of the United Nations and the Council of Europe, had a duty under international law to actively prevent such acts. He added that assurances from the US that they do not practice torture are worthless, in light of recent US interpretations of torture.

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