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16 January 1997 Edition

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IRA attacks in Belfast and Fermanagh

The IRA this week carried out attacks on Crown Forces in Belfast and on an RUC barracks in Tempo, County Fermanagh.

In the Fermanagh attack two Mark 15 `barrack buster' mortars were launched from a hi-jacked Hyundai van. Both landed within the base's perimeter, one going through the barracks roof. Neither mortar exploded.

The IRA's Fermanagh Brigade claimed responsibility.

In an attack on a British army/RUC mobile patrol on Kennedy Way in Belfast on Monday night 13 January the IRA fired a Mark 16 horizontal mortar from Stockman's Park.

In a statement Belfast Brigade, IRA said: ``One of our units set up an attack on a crown force patrol on Kennedy Way on Monday night at approximately 8.30pm. When the joint British army RUC patrol passed the target area a Mark 16 mortar was launched but the warhead travelled between two jeeps in the patrol and exploded on the roadway.''


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