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8 September 2005 Edition

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McGuinness urges support for Irish unity rally

Sinn FÉin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness, speaking at the unveiling of a Make Partition History campaign banner outside the Sinn Féin Sevastopol Street Office on the Falls Road on Wednesday, said that the national rally for Irish unity on 24 September in Dublin will give people from across Ireland the opportunity to make a very strong statement in support of Irish unity.

"Following the IRA's historic initiative an opportunity has been created for us to build on the increasing momentum for Irish unity and to rally the Irish people behind the slogan, Make Partition History," he said. "It is an opportunity we should not miss.

"Sinn Féin is encouraging people from all walks of life to come along and enjoy the Carnival and Rally to show that the desire and demand for Irish unity amongst the ordinary Irish people is as strong today as it ever was.

"Our goal is the re-unification of our country and an end to British jurisdiction in it. We are confident it will be realised.

"The campaign to Make Partition History is also about building the momentum for an Ireland that is different from the rip-off Ireland and dodgy dealings of successive Irish Governments and the discrimination and stalemate of northern politics. It is about the demand for a future that rejects the negatives politics of selfish interest where everyone is valued equally and has an equal place in our society."


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