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2 June 2005 Edition

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Dúirt Siad

It was a shout of defiance at intellectual Stalinism, masquerading as liberalism, which recognises only one side of an argument as respectable and pays serious attention to no one but those it already agrees with.

The Guardian's Jonathon Steele reflects on the victory of the French 'No to the EU Constitution' campaign, in the face of united opposition from the establishment parties and the media. Tuesday 31 May.

We need to think long and hard. I don't think it can be abandoned.

Bertie Ahern announcing that a referendum on the Constitution will still go ahead in Ireland. The Irish Independent, Tuesday 31 May.

The proposed Constitution requires the support of all 25 member states to be ratified. That clearly cannot happen, as it has been rejected by the French. Are the government seriously suggesting that millions of people across Europe are going to be ignored and that the referendum will be re-run in every country that rejects it until the EU bureaucrats get the result they want?

Mary Lou McDonald, Tuesday 31 May.

I was really shocked at the treatment a number of patients had received at this nursing home, and I can only imagine how family members would have felt watching it who had a relative in the same nursing home.

26-County Minister with responsibility for the elderly, Seán Power, expresses 'shock' at the Leas Cross Nursing Home revelations made on Prime Time last Monday night — but doesn't promise any action to tackle abuse and neglect in private institutions.

The Irish Times, Tuesday 31 May.

It will depend on the portrayal of it but any attempt to eulogise someone like Bobby Sands and give him the status of martyrdom would re-open old wounds.

The DUP's Jeffrey Donaldson speaking about how unionists will be viewing 'Maze', a film about the 1981 Hunger Strikes currently being made by Channel 4 and a British film company. The News Letter, Monday 30 May.

God knows what threat the 5'1" great grandmother posed to the people of the great state of Florida. Perhaps she intended to steal the space shuttle and crash it into 10 Downing Street.

The Irish Voice comments on the US State Department's refusal of a visa waiver to Sinn Féin's Rita O'Hare last week. Saturday 28 May.

There was widespread interest in the auction in Ireland and in many countries across the world, something which obviously made MI5 deeply uncomfortable.

Mitchel McLaughlin, after eBay pulled the auction of a British spying device found in Sinn Féin offices from its site. British securocrats are suspected of involvement in the decision. The Guardian, Saturday 28 May.

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