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31 March 2005 Edition

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Dúirt Siad...

The Irish Independent referred to the Rising as a 'criminal madness'. Today, Sir Anthony O'Reilly's Independent Group carries on that pro-British view of Irish republicanism with relish. He didn't get his British knighthood for nothing.

Martin McGuinness in his Easter Sunday address, Dublin, 27 March.

It is extraordinary that Fianna Fáil should set out publicly to create a group by definition privileged.

The Irish Independent editorial comments on Fianna Fáil's Forum for Opportunity, a new scheme aimed at getting business donations in return for "networking opportunities". The scheme has been compared to the infamously corrupt FF Taca money-raising scheme of 1967. Tuesday 29 March

We knew he had the guts to be hard. But now we know he has the guts to be soft.

The Sindo's Eoghan Harris talks up Michael McDowell's u-turn on the deportation of a Nigerian boy last week. Unfortunately, the paper is keeping up its policy of ignoring voiceless cases of deportation. 27 March.

This new aggressive deportation policy is wrong and indefensible and is harming the worldview of our country.

INTO president Austin Corcoran slams Michael McDowell's "snatch squads", who have been raiding schools in recent weeks to deport students. INTO conference, Galway, Monday 28 March

Amusing to read, rather than to be taken seriously.

Radio presenter Roger Greene (Newstalk 106) describes the virently anti-republican Sunday Independent while interviewing Phoenix editor Paddy Prendeville last week.

The Irish republican war dead have to be afforded the same respect as the British war dead.

Sinn Féin's Philip McGuigan points out the hypocrisy of the poppy mad BBC when it comes to the wearing of Easter lilies. The Belfast Telegraph, Saturday 26 March.

It is not about finance. We should not open up the stadium for money. It is really about the ethos of our amateur organisation, our brand image and what we stand for. Croke Park should be preserved for Gaelic games as it forms part of what the organisation is.

Presidential candidate for the GAA Christy Cooney, outlines his stance on Rule 42, due to be debated at the annual Congress in Croke Park next month. the Sunday Business Post, 27 March.

It is a time for cool heads and long-term thinking.

Cooney's Presidential rival Nicky Brennan, gives an indication of the divisions in GAA thinking on Rule 42. the Sunday Business Post, 27 March.

I think it's an anachronism that Catholicism should be singled out.

Conservative leader Michael Howard, in an increasingly desperate attempt to win votes in May's Westminster elections, offers to repeal the Act of Settlement 1701, which forbids Catholics from becoming British Head of State. The Daily Telegraph, Monday 28 March.

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