25 November 2004 Edition

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Fallujah protest outside Raytheon plant

Last Friday, the Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign carried out the digging of a symbolic grave at the Raytheon plant in Derry. During the protest, large numbers of white ribbons and flowers were tied to the railings which run along the perimeter of the Raytheon plant, which manufactures military software.

The protest closed with a candlelit vigil, as the grave was closed and a large stone marker, with the words, 'Fallujah 2004' was left to mark the grave. Flowers and candles were left in an act of solidarity with the people of Fallujah in Iraq.

By Sunday, every single ribbon, flower and candle had been removed by Raytheon. The grave marker was taken away four times over the weekend and was on Monday finally broken in two.

"It's clear that Raytheon in Derry are unnerved by the protest and threatened by white ribbons, flowers and candles," said a spokesperson for FEIC. "The people who make Tomahawk Cruise missiles are unable to countenance the sight of simple symbols of peace: that is the power of this protest.

"We ask all FEIC members, supporters and friends and anyone who opposes what the US and their arms-manufacturers are doing in Fallujah to continue to unnerve Raytheon. Please keep replacing the ribbons and flowers and the grave marker, whenever you can.

"This is a site of struggle."

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