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22 July 2004 Edition

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Fighting discrimination

The decision of the British House of Lords on Wednesday to give Sinn Féin leave to challenge the denial of party policy development grants in line with its electoral strength is welcome.

Britain's highest court of appeal accepted the arguments put forward by Sinn Féin's legal team and granted leave to have a full hearing on this very serious issue.

The decision to deny the grants, despite the party's electoral mandate, was blatant discrimination. To exacerbate this and put Sinn Féin at a further disadvantage, the British Government then distributed the monies due to Sinn Féin amongst its political opponents.

The party has rightly pledged that if justice is not forthcoming for its voters, it will examine legal options of taking the case further.

Second-class treatment for Sinn Féin elected representatives and voters is not acceptable.

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