5 October 2000 Edition

British soldiers hold flats resident at gunpoint

5 October 2000

A 30 year old resident of the Divis Tower in the Lower Falls in West Belfast was held at gunpoint by British soldiers on Staurday 23 September. Free article

Catholic school children attacked

5 October 2000

North Belfast schoolchildren travelling home from Our Lady of Mercy secondary school in the predominantly loyalist Silverstream area of North Belfast are being repeatedly targeted in sectarian attacks. Free article

Loyalist fascism exposes Brits

5 October 2000

The red lettering against a background of black dyed carnations reads ``C18''. Combat 18 is a British neo-Nazi paramilitary group with a history of racist attacks on Britain's Asian and West Indian communities. A man in his thirties dressed formally carries the wreath at the funeral of loyalist and former close associate of Johnny Adair, Stephen McKeag. As the cortege makes its way from the family home in Denmark Street to Roselawn cemetery, the Lower Shankill comes to a standstill. Free article

Diarmuid O'Neill campaign continues

5 October 2000

Last weekend was the fourth anniversary of the shooting dead by the metropolitan police of Diarmuid O'Neill, in a house in Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith. At the time of the shooting the media, presumably in reliance on police briefings, reported that there had been a gun battle with the police and that arms and explosives had been found at the house. Neither of those statements were true. Free article

Trimble appoints McMichael and Monteith

5 October 2000

Hypocrisy is no stranger to David Trimble and last week was to be no exception as the First Minister announced his choice of candidates to sit on the Civil Forum. Gary McMichael, leader of the UDP - the political voice of the UDA which is currently engaged in a bloody feud with another loyalist terror grouping, the UVF - was Trimble's first choice. Free article

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Dublin Government fails to meet obligations under the GFA

5 October 2000

Under the Good Friday Agreement, the Dublin government gave a commitment to ``further examine the incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) to ensure that the protection of human rights will be to the equivalent standard of protection afforded in the six counties.'' Free article

Cautious welcome for Human Rights Act

5 October 2000

The new Human Rights Act came into force in Britain and the Six Counties on 2 October amidst much fanfare from the Labour government. Free article

Asian told leave or die

5 October 2000

A ``living hell'' is how restauranteur Aftab Ahmad has described his last year. The racist abuse Aftab has suffered reflects the increasing incidence of racist abuse, threats and assaults that are becoming a regular occurrence in Ireland. Free article

Denmark says No

5 October 2000

Danish voters decided last week by a margin of 53% to 47% not to enter the single currency. The vote came at the end of along and hotly contested referendum campaign by political parties, the media, trade unions and a range of interest groups. Free article

Initial victory against Kilmainham plans

5 October 2000

Plans by property developers to dwarf Kilmainham Jail and surrounding residences with a large development have received a set-back. Free article

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