11 March 1999 Edition

RUC put Maghrafelt children at risk

11 March 1999

A mother of three from Maghrafelt awoke on Monday March 1to the RUC smashing in the front door. In a statement the woman said, ``I was in bed. I heard banging at the front door. I heard the front door being put in, then I heard people walking about.'' Free article

Law Society attempts to block Finucane report

11 March 1999

Leading officers of the Law Society in the Six Counties are trying to stop their own Human Rights Committee considering a report into the role of British intelligence in the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane ten years ago. Free article

UDA members behind North Belfast attacks

11 March 1999

Sinn Fein Assembly member for North Belfast Gerry Kelly has said that attacks on Catholic homes in the area, ``is part of an organised campaign to drive Catholics out the area''. Free article

``Smash the bases down''

11 March 1999

Farmers and Residents against Military bases are calling for a large turnout at a protest at Annaghmartin checkpoint, Roslea, County Fermanagh, on Sunday 14 March with the theme being ``Smash the bases down''. Free article

Portadown grandmother assaulted by RUC wins legal action

11 March 1999

A Portadown grandmother assaulted by the RUC three years ago has won damages in Craigavon court. Free article

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Brits in Combat 18 inquiry

11 March 1999

In the wake of allegations of widespread racism within the ranks of the British police and army, MI5 has arrested two serving British soldiers who have been charged with public order offences in connection with their active involvement in Combat 18, a neo-Nazi organisation closely associated with Loyalist groups. The two are believed to be the tip of a much larger iceberg of Combat 18 sympathisers within the British army after a concerted recruitment campaign over the past two years. At least twelve other serving soldiers have also been questioned in connection with Combat 18 membership. Free article

United Irishmen monument vandalised

11 March 1999

Loyalists are believed to have been behind an attack on a monument erected in West Belfast to commemorate a local family prominent in the 1798 United Irishmen Rebellion. Free article

PTA renewal announced

11 March 1999

Last Thursdsay, March 4, British Home Secretary Jack Straw announced he was seeking the renewal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), currently in it's 25th year. The PTA, which effects England, Wales and Scotland ceases to have effect on 22 March. While in the Six Counties the 26-year-old Emergency Powers Act (EPA) is not up for renewal until June. Three Republican ex-POWs from Derry were recently reminded of the remit the PTA gives for open racism and the abuse of an individual's rights. Free article

RUC intimidation in Downpatrick

11 March 1999

Sinn Fein's Down District councillor, Paddy McGreevy has described the on-going intimidation against a young Downpatrick couple by the RUC as typical of, ``that institutionally sectarian paramilitary force''. Free article

RUC on PR offensive

11 March 1999

The RUC have begun a PR offensive in the wake of one of their officers being criticised in the official inquiry into the racist murder of 18 year old black teenager Stephen Lawrence. Free article

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