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27 November 1997 Edition

More than British PR needed

27 November 1997

Following four months of a highly disciplined IRA cessation, the only token British gesture towards demilitarisation in the Six Counties was Mo Mowlam's announcement on Tuesday that daytime British army foot patrols would cease in nationalist West Belfast. Free article

A voice for the environment

27 November 1997

Robert Allen reports on the formation of a new environmental group in Ireland Free article

Travelling rights

27 November 1997

The case of the 13 year old child from a Traveller family, made pregnant allegedly as a result of a brutal rape, has confronted the Irish government and people, once again, with a problem they clearly failed to resolve in the past. Free article

Colombian death squads kill 21

27 November 1997

Having adopted a relatively low profile in recent months, the forces of law and order in Colombia have resumed their murder campaign with vigour. Free article

More Larne sectarianism

27 November 1997

A group of around 50 Loyalist teenagers led by a known UVF man attacked first year pupils coming from St Comgall's High School in Larne on Monday. Free article

Tapadóir gan téagar

27 November 1997

B'fhéidir gur réabhlóidí go smior é Ruairí Quinn. Más ea coinníonn sé ina rún é agus is fada ó lig sé an cat as an mála. Ní cuimhgin le haon duine go ndúirt sé aon rud faoi shóisialachas ó bhí sé ina mhac léinn. Go deimhin níuor luaigh sé aon rud le fada anlá a thabharfadh le fios go raibh an mhíchchothromaíocht shóisialta ag dó na geirbe aige. Free article

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Sportsview: Stop the witch hunt at Celtic Park

27 November 1997

In recent months there has been much said about the banning of republican songs at Celtic Park as part of a campaign called `Bhoys Against Bigotry'. It has turned into a witch hunt carried out by the club's hierarchy. Free article

Remembering the Past: Bloody Sunday

27 November 1997

On Saturday 20 November, the night before the IRA's operation to wipe out the Cairo Gang, a large number of Volunteers were arrested in British army raids. Amongst them were Commandant Dick McKee, Dublin Brigade, and Vice-Commandant Peadar Clancy, Dublin Brigade, two of the key figures involved in the planning of the Cairo Gang operation. Free article

Back issue: 5 years for a poster

27 November 1997

THE possession of a poster and the hearsay of a Garda superintendent resulted in Cork Sinn Féin organiser Don O'Leary receiving a five-year sentence for IRA membership at the Special Court in Green Street, Dublin, on Thursday 19 November. Free article

New in print

27 November 1997

Enniskillen: The Remembrance Sunday Bombing and A Rocky Road: The Irish Economy since the 1920s Free article

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