22 June 2006 Edition

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Dúirt Siad...

There are still many questions left about the man and the gifts he received from the wealthy, but like the characters in a Tarantino movie, he was much more complex and much more dimensional than I had often given him credit for. In that sense he was much more real, more human. - Laurence McKeown, on former Taoiseach Charles Haughey, Daily Ireland, Friday 16 Junes.

It's true that he espoused the latent republicanism of Irish citizens but surely he betrayed us all too by aping the behaviour of the boss class of our former colonists. - Eddie Holt on Haughey, The Irish Times, Saturday, 17 June.

"That the car was destroyed in itself creates inherent suspicion". - Niall Murphy, Loughinisland families solicitor speaking at a press conference in Belfast on Thursday, 15 June on the RUC's destruction of the car used by unionist paramilitaries in the massacre at the Heights Bar 12 years ago.

"Pouring money into the Irish health service without reform is like giving Red Bull and a set of car keys to a group of teenagers." - Irish EU Commisionser Charlie McCreevy, quoted by Pat Leahy in the Sunday Business Post, 18 June.

Moscow allegation places controversy laden Frank Fahey under the government's glare. - Shane Coleman, Sunday Tribune, 18 June on an investigation by The Irish Times into the busuiness dealings by the Fianna Fáil junior Minister.

The Philosophy underlying unionist opposition to change in our education system is basic: 'Things were better in the good old days. Let's go back there'. They were not. - Susan McKay, The Irish News, Tuesday 20 June.

The ever-deeper divisions in Spanish politics are clearly illustrated by utterly contradictory readings of the same statistics from last weekend's referendum on a new political dispensation for Catalonia. - Paddy Woodworth, The Irish Times, Tuesday, 20 June 2006.

"Sinn Féin have asked the Parades Commission to review what we believe is a deeply flawed determination." - Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams speaking on Tuesday, 20 June after he led a party delegation to meet with the Parades Commission over its decision to force two Orange Parades onto Belfast's Springfield Road this Saturday.

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