14 July 2005 Edition

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PSNI blamed for Derry trouble

Donncha Mac Niallais of the Bogside Residents Group has said the blame for the trouble that broke out as local Orangemen returned from a parade in Derry has to be laid firmly at the feet of the PSNI.

The City's main parade passed of peacefully on Tuesday morning but just after 6.00pm as local Orangeman were returning through the city centre trouble erupted when drunken loyalists threw bottles and pint glasses at nationalists.

According to MacNiallais PSNI reinforcements wearing full riot gear allowed the drunken loyalists through the Diamond area.

As senior republicans marshalled nationalist onlookers the loyalists began throwing bottles at nationalist residents.

MacNiallias said the PSNI had let drunken loyalists walk along with the parade carrying bottles of alcohol.

"This trouble was provoked by drunken loyalist thugs who were blatantly and openly allowed to drink. These thugs threw bottles and pint glasses as this parade made its return to the city centre. The blame for all this lies squarly at the feet of the PSNI. We have to question whether there is a need for a return parade such as this".

Mac Niallias would not contemplate how Tuesday night's trouble would impact on future Orange parades in the city.

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