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'Crucify Catholics' threat by gang of masked unionists with baseball bats

7 July 2015

PSNI to investigate sectarian hate crime – unionist leaders called on to condemn menacing display Free article

Gerry Adams lifts lid on Dáil pensions bonanza

5 December 2011



SINN FÉIN has exposed the scandal of a pensions bonanza being pocketed by more than a hundred former Dáil ministers as taxpayers fear a slash and burn Budget.
More than one in four of the ex-ministers are on pensions of between €100,000 and €150,000 a year while their parties... Free article

Ní pobal tuaithe amháin atá i gecist

5 December 2011

Táillí Séarachais indán do gach teach sa tír?

TÁ AN t-uafás cainte tarraingthe ar fud na tíre ag an díospóireacht maidir le cúrsaí séarachais agus b’fhéidir go gceapann lucht na mbailte nach mbaineann sé leo, ach fan go bhfeicfidh sibh!
Bhí níos mó plé ar an mBille um Sheirbhísí Uisce (Leasú) sa Seanad ná aon bhille eile ó toghadh an Seanad úr seo. Ach, má bhí féin, bhí níos mó... Free article


5 December 2011

The ‘Green Tide’ surges forward

IT IS A MEASURE of the sense of political urgency with which the Sinn Féin leadership views the economic crisis in Ireland (and particularly the 26 Counties) that we decided to stand Martin McGuinness in the Presidential election.
To borrow a phrase first used by the same political establishment which institutionalised the corrupt and gombeen... Free article

History writing thrives on eve of ‘decade of centenaries’

5 December 2011



WITHOUT QUESTION, the publishing highlight of the year 2011 for Irish republicans had to be the launch of Ruán O’Donnell’s Special Category – The IRA in English Prisons, which is covered elsewhere in this paper. I was at the launch in Kilmainham Jail and, thinking about it afterwards, it was a landmark event with the testimony of... Free article

IRIS – The Republican Magazine

5 December 2011

IRIS – The Republican Magazine is back with a new look for the New Year.
Pearse Doherty says Sinn Féin’s approach to economics puts people at the centre of the party’s Budget proposals.
Séanna Walsh, a close friend of the late Bobby Sands and the man who read the statement on July 28th 2005 declaring a cessation of the IRA’s armed struggle, writes about the ETA ceasefire and how... Free article

Climate change: Robust Durban deal needed to bridge ‘gigatonne’ ambition shortfall

5 December 2011

CALLING on EU negotiators to indicate in advance of the UN Climate Change talks in Durban to commit to a second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol, Irish GUE/NGL MEP Bairbre de Brún welcomed the European Parliament vote on a resolution on the summit and said any such guarantee needs to be robust “both in its targets and in its legal form”.
Bairbre said:
“Clearly the aim is... Free article


5 December 2011

A just society, not just an economy

THERE IS NO DENYING there is an economic crisis affecting the decisions that have to be taken by governments and political parties in power all over the world, and Ireland is no exception. Where Sinn Féin differs dramatically from the conservative coalitions - Fine Gael/Labour in Dublin and the Conservative Party/Liberal Democrats in London -... Free article

Ní mór claontachas a ruaigeadh amach as gach chuid de RTÉ

5 December 2011

Más maith is mithid go bhfuil an ceathrar is mó a bhfuil freagarthacht orthu as an ionsaí suarach leabhalach a rinne RTÉ ar an tAthair Kevin Reynolds ag “seasamh ar leataobh.”
Is díol trua í ag an am céanna gur go drogallach a tarraingíodh RTÉ go dtí an pointe seo, agus gach rud atá déanta ag RTÉ faoin scéal go dtí seo thabharfadh sé le fios nach bhfuil a leithscéal ró-ionraic is... Free article

Fine Gael making an honest show of Labour

5 December 2011

YOU’D ALMOST feel sorry for the Labour Party. Almost. Individually, they’re not bad people – I’d count a number of them among my friends and there are, hidden here and there within it, a few remaining Labour politicians of genuine conviction and principle
But as a group of people you’d travel a long way to find any to beat them for that sense of arrogant, smug, self-entitlement.... Free article

The ‘Treaty’, the split and the Michael Collins myth

5 December 2011

POPULAR HISTORY and cinema have greatly reinforced the celebrity status of Michael Collins, eclipsing many of the other key figures of the struggle for Irish freedom of his time. The Collins myth has also served to obscure the facts and the issues at stake around the ‘Treaty’ signed 90 years ago this month and the subsequent split and Civil War.
The writings of the respected... Free article

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