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The Irish Volunteer – Volume 1 - Number 11

18 April 2014

New online – Cumann na mBan and battallions of Volunteers, The Irish Volunteer - Óglach na hÉireann Volume 1 - Number 11 newspaper, first published 18th April 1914. Free article

The alternatives are there, the choices are clear – now where are the leaders?

27 January 2011

Lothar Bisky, Chairperson of the GUE/NGL Group in the European Parliament, on the Hungarian EU Presidency and agenda for 2011:

WITH the EU under the stewardship of one of Europe’s most right-wing governments, the Left’s expectations for the Hungarian presidency were always going to veer towards caution rather than optimism. Beyond the fundamental questions raised by Hungary’s new... Free article

From the canvass trail

27 January 2011

UT in Dublin Mid-West we have been out on the canvass trail since mid-November. The bad weather and dark nights aren’t the best conditions for electioneering but with a general election imminent every vote counts and every night is crucial.
People want change. They know who they won’t be voting for but haven’t yet decided who they intend to support. In many cases they are more... Free article

ETA’s firm commitment towards achieving a lasting resolution

27 January 2011

The statement by ETA of January 10th 2011

"The statement by ETA of January 10th 2011

WITH this declaration, Eta, the Basque socialist revolutionary organisation for national liberation, wishes to give news of its decision to the Basque Country:
In recent months, from Brussels to Gernika [Guernica], well-known personalities on the world level and many Basque social and... Free article

Free Arnaldo Otegi

27 January 2011

ONE of the confidence-building measures the Spanish Government could take is the release of the imprisoned leader of the banned Basque party Batasuna, Arnaldo Otegi, Gerry Adams has said.
Otegi, a speaker at Sinn Féin Ard Fheiseanna, was described by Gerry Adams as a committed supporter of the need to develop a democratic process in the Basque Country.
Otegi told the Wall Street... Free article

Ironic 'Ian Óg' Paisley wants Gerry Adams to stay as Sinn Féin abstentionist MP

27 January 2011

SINN FÉIN has said it’s ironic that “Ian Paisley Óg” has been standing up in the British House of Commons demanding that Gerry Adams remains as a Sinn Féin abstentionist MP.

West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty said:

It was ironic that DUP MPs Ian Paisley Óg and Nigel Dodds have been using up their Commons time demanding that Gerry Adams remains as an abstentionist MP.

He said that... Free article


27 January 2011

Potential for peace requires political will

GERRY ADAMS has said the statement by ETA declaring a permanent and general ceasefire which will be verifiable by the international community “has the potential to propel the efforts for peace in that region significantly forward”.
“But,” the Sinn Féin leader cautioned, “it will require political will by all of the main political... Free article

Wave of arrests follows ETA ceasefire statement

27 January 2011

THE ARREST of a dozen people in a series of raids by Spanish police of Basque activists on January 18th has been criticised by one of the Sinn Féin team at the heart of Ireland’s engagement with the Basque peace process:
“The arrests last night of members of Basque civic groups Askatasuna and Ekin is not conducive to the search for a political solution,” Sinn Féin MLA Alex... Free article

‘I want my memorial to be Peace with Justice’ – Frank Stagg

27 January 2011

OF the 22 Irish republicans who died on hunger strike, three died in prisons in England. They were Terence Mac Swiney in Brixton Prison, London, in 1920; Michael Gaughan in Parkhurst Prison, Isle of Wight, in 1974; and Frank Stagg in Wakefield Prison, Yorkshire, in 1976. Gaughan and Stagg were both Mayomen, two of the many thousands who emigrated from their native county in the... Free article


27 January 2011

Déanann sé ciall Irish unity makes sense

THREE HUNDRED people turned out on a snow-stormed night just before the end of 2010 to hear Irish republicans state the case for uniting Ireland.
The audience, who had defied horrendous weather and road conditons, was reminded that following the Good Friday Agreement the Government of Ireland Act was repealed and replaced with the NI Act... Free article

Imeachtaí Events

27 January 2011


Sinn Féin na Mí – 6th Annual Dinner Dance
This years Annual Dinner Dance will take place in the Ardboyne Hotel Navan, County Meath on March 16th 2011. Speaker: Martin Ferris TD. Honouree:  Celine Collins. Taille inteach €35. Music by Setanta. For ticket or more information contact: Eileen Shiels 00 353 86 816 8675


The 1983 Great Escape – the inside story
Hear the... Free article

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2014 year of change

A chara,

Sinn Féin is in government in the North and is a major political party in the Dáil and in local government across this island.

We are the only all-Ireland political party and with each passing day our membership is increasing, our organisational capacity is improving, and we are presenting realistic alternative policies to meet the needs of 21st century Ireland.

On May 22nd and May 23rd, more than 350 men and women will be standing for Sinn Féin in the European and local government elections, north and south.

For those who reject austerity and want a different future, a better future; who want hope for themselves and for their families; who want jobs and prosperity; and who want a real republic on this island – Sinn Féin is that future.

Make 2014 a year of change.

If you want a new future – a New Republic – help Sinn Féin in our fundraising efforts by contributing to our election campaign.

Thank you for whatever you can afford.

Lánaigí libh agus beirigí bua!

Is mise,

Gerry Adams TD

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Acting as the official newspaper of the Irish Volunteers it outlined the political views of the leadership and reported on the and important events, such as the Howth Gun Running of 1914.

Included in its pages alongside political opinions and news reports are various advertisements for such items as revolvers, bandoliers and military uniforms from stockists across Ireland.

You can now read these fascinating insights into Irish revolutionary history with an online subscription to An Phoblacht for just €10 per year. This includes a digital copy of each new edition of the paper and Iris magazine, access to our digitised historic archives as well as copies of The Irish Volunteer.

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