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85,000 march against Water Charges in Dublin

29 August 2015

Huge numbers at Right2Water rally opposing household Water Charges Free article

Challenges for the Danish EU presidency

6 February 2012

THE NEW Danish Government has presented a document called ‘Europe at Work’ as a programme for its presidency of the EU. They apparently stand for a responsible, dynamic, green and safe Europe. Over the coming months, the Left will be testing such claims and pushing the Danes to take tangible steps towards solidarity, job creation and real financial sector regulation in a... Free article

Class war – people power rises against education cuts

6 February 2012

Fine Gael election manifesto

“Fine Gael will prioritise the frontline and support schools to inspire and equip the next generation with the skills and knowledge needed to rebuild our country’s future.”


Labour Party election manifesto

Labour is committed to protecting children’s education, because we believe they deserve the best start their country can give them.”


» BY... Free article

Cogadh á bhagairt ar an Iaráin . . .

6 February 2012


Agus seasann Éamon Gilmore leis!


TÁ COGADH eile, is cosúil, dhá bhagairt ar an MeánOirthear, ar an Iaráin an uair seo, más fíor dona comharthaí atá ag tíocht as Meiriocá agus ón Aontas Eorpach.
Tá’s againn cén praghas a d’íoc muintir na hAfganastáine is muintir na hIaráice as na cogaí a fearadh rompu, ach anois tá lucht na cogaíochta ag díriú a n-áird ar... Free article

Views on Single Working Age Payment needed immediately

6 February 2012


SINN FÉIN Social Protection spokesperson Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD has been asked by the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Jobs, Social Protection and Education to compile a report on the consequences of amalgamating all social welfare payments into a ‘Single Working Age Payment’. He now wants all groups... Free article

Fógraí Bháis - Harry Thompson, Brigid Hannon and Géry Lawless

6 February 2012

Harry Thompson, Belfast

BY GERRY ADAMS TD, President of Sinn Féin

HARRY THOMPSON died at home on Sunday 29 January surrounded by his family and friends.

I have known wee Harry for over 40 years. We were always close.

Harry was a republican activist for most of his adult life and he was honoured at last year’s Le Chéile, which recognises those who have given special service to... Free article


6 February 2012

I nDíl Chuimhne

1 February 1975: Volunteer Seán BOYLE, South Armagh Brigade.
1 Feruary 1981: Volunteer Peadar MOHAN, Monaghan Brigade.
2 Feruary 1981: Volunteer Liam HANNAWAY, Belfast Brigade, 2nd Battalion.
3 February 1973: Volunteer James SLOAN, Volunteer James McCANN, Belfast Brigade, 3rd Battalion.
3 February 1999: Volunteer Harry BURNS, Belfast Brigade, 2nd Battalion.
4... Free article

Imeachtaí | Events

6 February 2012


Saturday 4th March. Assemble 3pm, in St Johnstown Churchyard, Fethard. Main Speaker: Ruán O’Donnell. Remembering IRA Volunteer George Plant executed by firing squad in Portlaoise prison on 5 March 1942


Volunteer Seán Phelan Commemoration
Sunday 18th February. Assemble 12:30pm Evelyn Street, Kirkdale and march to... Free article


5 February 2012

News snippets from around the Globe

Gregory Campbell’s watching TG4

AFTER looking like he’s endorsing an ‘all-Ireland’ approach to commemorations, it now seems that DUP MP Gregory Campbell has now taken to his native language with a vengeance.

This came to light after Campbell vented his fury over the first episode of ‘Mná an IRA’ documentary series. The first episode featured... Free article

Gerry Adams on Margaret Thatcher – 'The Iron Lady' – and Ireland

9 January 2012

Saturday 7 January (Belfast Media Group blog, Léargas)

Thatcher’s war policy in Ireland


THE recent publication of British government papers from 1981 have reminded many people of the negative role played by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at that time.

The papers were published coincidentally at the same as a Hollywood movie about Thatcher. I haven’t... Free article

Roddy Collins writes for An Phoblacht

5 January 2012

The Household Charge is ‘only’ €2 a week if you live in an ivory tower

ENDA KENNY makes me mad. His claim that the Household Charge is “only” Ř2 a week had me boiling. I have no problem with taxes - my problem is with unfair taxes and the unfair distribution of the burden.
The top 5% own 40% of the wealth but everyone gets hit with a flat-rate tax of €100. It’s unjust.
“Only” €2 a... Free article

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