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Martin McGuinness – Leadership and vision

2 November 2012

Photographs of Martin McGuinness

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Birmingham Six – 17 years wrongfully imprisoned (1975 -1991)

2 November 2012

Photos from the campaign to free the Birmingham Six and their release

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Maureen Maguire

2 November 2012

Photos of Maureen Maguire, 2012 Dublin Volunteer Annual Dinner Dance honouree

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2,000 teachers protest over government cuts

25 October 2012

An estimated 2,000 student and newly-qualified teachers demonstrated outside the Dáil on Wednesday to protest over government cuts which they say are having a serious impact on the education sector. Many newly qualified teachers were also angry over a 13% pay cut for newly-qualified teachers last year while those who qualified this year faced a 20% salary cut. The demonstration was organised by the three main teaching unions – the ASTI, INTO and TUI. ASTI General Secretary Pat King said: “Young teachers have suffered far more than public servants generally. Public servants' pay has been cut time and time again over the past number of years. They've had levies and pay cuts. Young public servants have been cut with a further 10% pay cut at entry, but young teachers have a further 5-10% on top of that.” Younger teachers are also not protected under the Croke Park Agreement meaning that they can have allowances deducted from their wages while those who joined the public workforce before 2010 cannot.

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Sheena Campbell remembered

18 October 2012

On Tuesday 16th October, the 20th anniversary of her assassination by loyalists, Sinn Féin activist Sheena Campbell was remembered in a candle-light vigil at the gates of Queen’s University Belfast.

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Hundreds protest against Home Help cuts in Dublin

18 October 2012

Hundreds of Home Help and Home Care workers along with supporters marched from the GPO in Dublin to the Dáil on Wednesday afternoon to express their disgust at the slashing of home help hours. Campaigners say that the cutbacks will force more people into care homes and have a damaging effect on the lives of disabled and elderly people who rely on such services.

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Martina Anderson MEP meets republican ex-prisoners and wrongful convictions group

15 October 2012

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson met with republican ex-prisoners grouop Tar Anall and members of the newly launched Irish Centre on Wrongful Convictions (ICWC) in Belfast on Friday. The ICWC is a grassroots human rights organisation established by a number of former prisoners, human rights lawyers and human rights activists. Martina also toured Belfast's Irish Republican History Museum at Conway Mill.

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Mayor of Belfast portrait unveiled

12 October 2012

A PORTRAIT of the former and youngest Mayor of Belfast, Sinn Féin Councillor Niall Ó Donnghaile, was unveiled in Belfast City Hall on 5 October to mark Niall’s just-completed year in office. Painted by Belfast mural artist Danny Devenney (the first venture into portraits by the noted mural artist), the image shows a confident young republican who is proud of his working-class roots in east Belfast’s Short Strand neighbourhood.

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Ulster Covenant Centenary Parade

1 October 2012

THIRTY THOUSAND UNIONISTS and 100 bands took part in the parade by eight loyal orders on a six-mile route from central Belfast to Stormont to mark the 100th anniversary of the Ulster Covenant to oppose Home Rule for Ireland in 1912. There were fears of a repeat of sectarian displays by loyalist bands at St Patrick’s Church on Donegall Street such as the playing of the anti-Catholic ‘Famine Song’ by the Young Conway Volunteers band on the Twelfth of July.

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October 2012 Edition photographs

30 September 2012

Photographs from the October 2012 edition of An Phoblacht

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