5 September 2002 Edition

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Government's biased booklet

Aengus ó Snodaigh has criticised the government's publication of an information booklet on the Nice Treaty, saying that it is an abuse of power that encourages a 'yes' vote.

"Since the defeat of the Nice Treaty last summer, we have seen the government act in a totally undemocratic manner. Not only have they defied the wishes of the electorate in rerunning this referendum, they have now undermined the work of the referendum commission by publishing a booklet designed to promote a 'yes' vote.

"I believe that the electorate will see the production of this propaganda for what it is - an abuse of power being paid for by the taxpayers, who voted to reject this Treaty in the first place."

ó Snodaigh also called for the government to bring an end to its campaign of name calling, insults and scaremongering, and engage in a real debate on the Nice Treaty.

"Sinn Féin supports membership of the EU, but we are opposed to an EU superstate with its own army, acting not in the interests of its 370 million citizens but in the interests of international business. We need to be absolutely clear; this is not a referendum about continued membership of the EU, as the yes campaign so often claims. We will not be turfed out for confirming our 'no' vote of last year."  

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