18 April 2002 Edition

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Denying children's parenting rights

Residents against Racism and Sinn Féin picketed the Four Courts last Friday, 12 April, in support of the application for leave to appeal last week's High Court decision that being parents of children with Irish citizenship should not entitle the parents to residence status in Ireland. Leave to appeal was granted.

The deportation of many asylum seekers from Ireland awaits this appeal to the Supreme Court. At present, case law has given the parents of Irish-born children the right to remain here, so that Irish children can enjoy their rights to citizenship and remain together with their family unit. The Department of Justice is anxious to deport parents in such situations, so that if the child wishes to remain with the family then they must pass up their rights to live here as Irish citizens.

At Friday's picket, protestors voiced their outrage at the minister's determination to restrict the granting of asylum to the fewest number of people possible and to let this consideration override the right of children to grow up in the care and company of their families.

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