18 April 2002 Edition

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Derry people urged to reject incineration

Sinn Féin Councillor Gerry MacLochlainn, speaking after the first Derry City Council consultation session on the Draft Waste Management Plan of the North West Region last week, called on the people of Derry to reject incineration outright as a means of waste management.

"Last night Eglinton saw the first of our consultation meetings on the Draft Waste Management plan and I welcome the opening of this process at long last," he said. " However, I am concerned that the format of the consultation meetings is leaving people frustrated and several participants expressed that view to me last night.

It is vital that these meetings are used to determine the views of Derry people and not to advocate for a particular scheme. Last night, it appeared that the meeting veered dangerously close to advocacy and away from facilitation.

"The effect of this is that people's views on incineration may not come through clearly. I believe the facilitators of this event need to seek out people's views on the issue of incineration and I will be ensuring that this is conveyed to the City Engineer's department.

"I appeal to Derry people to attend any event they are able to and to insist on having recorded their views on incineration and to follow that up by informing Derry City councillors of your views.

"Sinn Féin believes incineration to be an outmoded and dangerous form of waste disposal and we will do all we can to oppose an incinerator in this community. We appeal to people who agree with us on this matter to let us know their views on this important matter.

"We cannot allow incineration to creep in by the back door. If people do not want incineration then they need to make this clear."

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