18 April 2002 Edition

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Derry man stabbed in sectarian attack

A Catholic man in his early 20s was stabbed in a sectarian attack in the Waterside area of Derry last Thursday, 11 April. The man was sitting alone in his car in Victoria Road at 8.30pm, when he heard noises coming from the rear of his car. When he got out to investigate he was confronted by two masked men. The Catholic man was struck on the left shoulder with a baseball bat by one of the attackers and punched in the face. The second attacker then stabbed him in the right arm, inflicting a large wound.

Speaking to An Phoblacht about the attack local Sinn Féin councillor Lynn Fleming said, "since the turn of the year we have seen an increasing number af sectarian attacks and threats by the UDA against Catholics in the Waterside area".

Residents of Derry estate say RUC/PSNI provoked trouble

Residents of the Galliagh estate in Shantallow, Derry say the RUC\PSNI used their homes to shield themselves from stones being thrown by youngsters during an incident in the area on Sunday, 7 April.

Residents accused the RUC/PSNI of provoking members of one family by pulling up outside their home and refusing to move when asked to do so.

One man, who lives across the road from the house, claimed up to 20 youngsters, some as young as five, were left screaming as they took cover behind a fence to avoid being hit by missiles flying above their heads towards the Land Rovers.

The incident arose after the RUC/PSNI moved into Rossnagalliagh, in Galliagh, to investigate an attack on a house on the estate. Three Land Rovers were parked in the area for around two hours.

John McCallion said he was verbally abused when he asked for the RUC/PSNI to move their Land Rover from outside his parents' house. "I tried to sort it out and asked them to move but they were deliberately trying to keep it going," he said. "We had a few exchanges and he told me to 'fuck off'."

In another incident in Derry, Thomas Kelly was arrested by the RUC\PSNI on Sunday, 31 March, as he travelled home from work.

" An RUC man got out and told me I had a defective tail light. I knew I hadn't as I had been working at the car earlier on," said Kelly.

At this point the RUC man told Kelly he was calling the shots around here. He grabbed the Derry man and threw him against the car.

Kelly was then told he was under arrest and when he asked the RUC|PSNI member if he could he lock his car he was grabbed and pulled towards the Land Rover. On arrival at Strand Road RUC barracks, Kelly had to take two breathalyser tests and passed them both but he was still charged with disorderly behaviour, resisting and obstructing the RUC/PSNI and with failing to provide a breath test.

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