20 December 2001 Edition

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Harney attacks Sinn Fein zealots


Mary Harney wants the media spotlight turned on Sinn Féin's economic policies. She claimed in Leinster House last week that the party were "economic zealots" of the "North Korean variety".

Speaking on EU enlargement and the introduction of the euro, Harney returned to a theme she has hit on several times this year, namely, that Sinn Féin would not be a safe partner in any future government. Harney has yet to accurately explain what she knows of Sinn Féin policies, just in the same way that, as minister for Enterprise Trade and Investment, she has yet to explain just how the coalition plan to tackle the current economic downturn, that has been ravaging the 26 Counties all year.

Maybe Harney is really saying that she doesn't want control over economic policy making on this island. She doesn't want to see tax cheats go to jail. She doesn't want investment in vital economic infrastructure. She doesn't want to rebuild the rural economy. She doesn't want to share the wealth.

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