20 December 2001 Edition

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Scrooge landlord at Hill Street

By Natalie Sheridan

Residents at Hill Street Flats, Dublin, have hit out at regulations, imposed by their landlord, that they describe as mean-spirited and unfair. One resident even claimed, this week, that she was forced by her landlord to take down Christmas decorations. The reason he gave is that the accomodation is only temporary, she says.

Theresa Kane, who lives in a two-bedroom apartment with her five children, says the rules are so strict that she cannot even associate with her neighbors.

"The management of the building posted up rules around the building that have left residents shocked," she says.

These rules state - 1.There are to be no visitors; uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters or grandparents. 2.There are no children allowed on the landings or under the stairs - at any time tapes will be viewed each morning and the children must be kept in their rooms at all times, by order of management.

Theresa's youngest children, who are just eight and 10-years-old, can't even play outside when they come home from school.

"It is ridiculous, my children get frustrated from being locked up in such a tiny flat all day long.

"The management will not allow the children to play on the landing at any time and it is too dangerous for them to play around the corner as I fear that they could wander into danger," she said.

An Phoblacht contacted Dublin Corporation's Housing Policy Division and a spokesman stated that the reason for the ban on visitors is that they might be 'undesirables', who would interfere with other tenants.

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