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28 September 2000 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Incineration effectively damages the land, food chain and the health of every person. The risk to the health of my constituents from this proposed incinerator in Louth should not be underestimated.

Sinn Féin Assembly member for Newry/Armagh Pat McNamee, on the proposed incinerator in County Louth.

This is in fact the unravelling of a cover up of US ties to repression during the Pinochet dictatorship. This is the first step toward a candid disclosure of the truth about that very dark era. The CIA funnelled millions of dollars to strengthen opposition political parties working against the Allende government. That can cover a multitude of sins.

Robert Tait in last Friday's Irish Examiner on the new evidence to prove US involvement in the assassination of opponents of Pinochet during his tenure as dictator.

Nationalists and republicans will not join, support or endorse what is currently proposed. The new beginning for policing envisaged by the Good Friday Agreement requires the creation of a civic police service which works in partnership with local communities, is depoliticised and stripped of the symbolism of the past, and is democraticlly accountable.

Gerry Adams in a down-beat assessment of the policing issue last week.

If a commitment from the government is not forthcoming, the agreement is going to unravel.

ICTU Vice President Joe O'Toole on rising inflation and its consequences for the partnership agreement.

Racism is often the last refuge of scoundrels. Racism is, in our experience, deeply rooted in fear and ignorance, fear of the unknown and ignorance of the reality of others people's lives. But it can be nurtured by reactionary public policy, exploitation, low pay, poor employment protection, bad accommodation or inadequate healthcare.

SIPTU's Des Geraghty at an ICTU sponsored conference on racism in the workplace.

The DUP is essentially the poor white trash party now at war with what it sees as its betters who are selling them down the river.

Sunday Business Post columnist Tom McGurk on the result.

The GAA is anti other sports but at the same time it is aping them left, right and centre

Former Kerry GAA footballing star, Mick O'Connell, criticising the growing commercialism that he now believes is taking a hold on gaelic games

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