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13 September 2000 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

At the time of the Brighton bombing, the IRA issued a statement saying that it was intended to wipe out the British cabinet. This was an event of enormous political, economic and strategic significance. In essence, a revolutionary movement had come within a hair's breadth of eliminating the political elite of one of the G7 countries. Yet Mr MacConghail believes that it is improper for experienced journalists to interview the author of such an act.

- Sunday Business Post editorial castigating former controller of television at RTE (during the days of Section 31 censorship) Muiris MacConghail's attack on RTE for interviewing Patrick Magee, who was convicted of the bombing and spent 14 years in jail

RTE has spent recent weeks giving soft interviews to John White of the UDP, a man who stabbed an elected representative 32 times in a frenzied attack before chopping off the private parts of that man's female companion, yet this did not spur MacConghail to draw his pen from its sheath.

Sunday Business Post editorial, 10 September

As long as the issue [racism] has existed, the minister [John O'Donoghue] and in particular his officials, who after all serve on a life-long basis and are not subject to the ballot box, have fought against any call to change. Procrastination in introducing legislation and services has spawned racist fears, and contributed to the backlash against all foreigners.

Medb Ruane in the Irish Times, Friday, 8 September

This has gone on long enough. If the British government has any self respect they will not allow convicted murderers to stay in the army.

Jean McBride, mother of Peter, whose killers, despite murder convictions, are still in the British Army

They know also that the whole peace process is endangered by these activities, being carried out by two groups supposedly in support of an agreement which is meant to bring us all to a violence-free society.

Irish News editorial on the ongoing loyalist feud

Ideologies don't really come into it. They support an organisation through family connections or where they live - it's as simple as that. The organisations have been rivals for years. It's always been bubbling away under the surface and at the end of the day, it's all about power.

Loyalist source in the Irish News on the origins of the UDA/UVF feud

Given the nature of the attacks, they are undoubtedly sectarian. This is the most serious in a fairly long series of attacks... They are not going to change the nature of this area or drive the people out. They are going to achieve nothing only to kill people.

John Gormley of the Lower Ormeau Concerned Residents after two Catholic families were targeted in a petrol bomb attack on their homes

The number of people affected and the anxiety caused by this outbreak cannot be repeated.

Gerry Adams demanding answers to the crytosporidium bug in Belfast affecting Greater Belfast

In essence, opposition is based on the Irish perception that Ireland receives no economic gain from our operations but suffers the unaccepable disbenefit, however minimal of radioactive discharges, and is under the constant threat of the potential efects of a serious accident at Sellafield.

British Nuclear Fuels Ltd memo from last summer, leaked to the Gurdian, Monday, 11 September, explaining Irish qualms about the timebomb across the water

I suppose it's the Corpo's biggest decision, it's their boldest initiative yet, but look at what happened with the last bold initiative, the towers. They opened a playground for the kids 30 years later.

Ballymun resident Peter Kelly on the launch of the second phase of the regeneration of Ballymun, to include the demolition of the area's infamous tower blocks, the Irish Times, Monday, 11 September

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