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24 August 2000 Edition

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Back issue: Prisoners warn: ``we'll take no more''

THE REPUBLICAN prisoners in Crumlin Road Jail have said that the Northern Ireland Office has had its chance to introduce ``meaningful changes'' and they warned of the consequences of rising tension and worsening conditions provoked by the Brtiish Government's forced integration policy.

The prisoners pointed out in a statement issued through the Sinn Féin POW Dept on Monday 20 August that ``the NIO's policy of integration in Crumlin Road Jail has again focused attention on the petty and vindictive nature of the prison authorities in general. Their arrogant and patronising press releases are indicative of the contempt with which they deal with prisoners' complaints.

``Following a series of protests inside and outside the jail, we were given the impression that measures would be taken to guarantee the safety of prisoners. For our part, we collectively decided to refrain from open prison protest and attempted to create a favourable atmosphere conducive to the introduction of segregated conditions. Our conciliatory gesture was cynically manipulated by the NIO, who attempted to portray our disciplined approach as a sign of weakness. We wish to condemn the duplicity and hypocrisy of the NIO...

``Animals would not be expected to live in a urine-soaked environment under continual lock-up with cold and unhygienic meals. We are at the end of our tether.

``On every single occasion when the NIO have sought to provoke a confrontation with republican prisoners they have lost. They have had their opportunity to introduce meaningful changes. They must now be prepared to accept the consequences of their failure to do so.''

An Phoblacht, Thursday 23 August 1990.

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