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27 April 2000 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

This completely unprovoked attack is extremely worrying and underpins what Sinn Féin have been saying about the asylum policies of the present government - that they are based on intolerance and do nothing but add to the atmosphere of racism that has grown from the mishandling of the issue for day one.

Sinn Féin Councillor Larry O'Toole after a racist attack on a 16-year-old Nigerian asylum seeker last week in Dublin


One [point] is that they have said again that what they want is a permanent peace. Secondly, there is also anger from republicans, which comes from the fact that they believed they moved to break the impasse on a number of occasions over the past two years - but this has been thrown back in their face.

Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly on the IRA's annual Easter message


I want to say to the unionist population to stop the nonsensical argument that the IRA must be defeated and there must be an IRA surrender. They won't ever get an IRA surrender. The IRA weren't and aren't defeated and I think the peace process needs to move away from the farcical nonsensical ground of seeking that.

Barry McElduff speaking at a Easter commemoration in North Belfast


Legally, I'm told you shouldn't do that (deny unfounded alegations) but I'm trying to run a party that's straight and honest and upfront.

A strgight-faced Bertie Ahern on recent allegations against him and Fianna Fáil


I have tried to so many times [to get a house]. My social welfare just isn't enough to pay for a place in Dublin and I don't make much more tapping. It's just a vicious circle really; you need a job to get a house and you need an address to get a job. You can't use the Simon address, that's a bit obvious now isn't it?

Dublin homeless person interviewed in an Irish Examiner report on homelessness in the capital


Trimble has inherited the legacy of a majority hog-tied to an antediluvian sectarian secret society of grand masters, grand flute players, grand drum bangers who refuse to believe that this is a time of change and that the people of the Ireland have voted overwhelmingly for peace in a new Ireland proudly accepting its role in the new Europe. Time the unionists woke up. They have nothing to lose but their Orange sashes.

Irish News columinst James Kelly

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