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20 April 2000 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

In recent weeks, we have fought and won two by-elections, each time showing massive rises in the Sinn Féin vote.

Gerry Adams after Barry McElduff's landslide victory in the Omagh by-election.

I am absolutely disgusted. It's a big let down for the nationalist people. The Church should be sympathetic to us rather than the RUC.

Cornelius Rooney, whose son was killed by the RUC in 1969, criticising the decision of the Catholic Archbishop Seán Brady to attend last week's George Cross Ceremony for the paramilitary force.

By focusing on the cosmetic aspects of this woman (Catherine Nevin), the crucial matters of death, family tragedy and evil have been relegated to second place. That the main perpetrators of the jewellery and nail varnish phenomemon were women journalists is a disgrace. Are women nothing more than clothes horses whose main value is in drawing fashion comment?

Psychiatry professor Patricia Casey, writing in the Irish Independent, on the undue attention paid to the accused's appearance in the Nevin murder case

There has been a pattern of these low-flying manoeuvres in recent weeks and they are totally unacceptable. It raises particular fears because of the safety record of Lynx helicopters and is even more reprehensible because they are putting the safety of children at risk.

Sinn Féin's Conor Murphy on British Army low-level flying in South Armagh

It is, arguably, the most shocking and squalid episode in the history of the Irish public service. Here was a leading bureaucrat in the state's most populous county, a man with more than 40 years of experience, bagging a stream of illicit payments from builders, developers and property owners - the very people whose business he was charged with regulating. We'll be hearing lots more this year about Redmond's sources of income as the tribunal continues its trawl through the darker reaches of Dublin planning. Is everyone sleeping comfortably?

Irish Times columnist Pat Cullen on former Dublin County Manager George Redmond's corruption

We will require very clear - and written - guarantees that neither Peter Mandelson nor any other secretary of state would activate the suspension legislation again. If we are going to set up the institutions now, then we need to know that it is not an experiment.

Sinn Féin Charperson Mitchel McLaughlin on hearing Tony Blair was arriving in the Six Counties on Tuesday to `kick-start' the peace process

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